Grinder Comandante C60- آسیاب کماندانته

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آسیاب دستی کماندانته C60 – جدیدترین آسیاب کماندانته آلمان – وزن آسیاب حدود 1000 گرم و قطر تیغه 60 میلی متر .

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The Comandante C60 Baracuda is a robust, heavy-duty, high-performance manual coffee grinder with the largest and most advanced burr set design ever released by Comandante.

Comandante always seeks to push the boundaries and they were simply curious: how big of a burr set could they fit into a familiar and manageable manual grinder format? Ultimately, the power of the Baracuda burr set compelled Comandante to create a new grinder body.

Comandante has developed a unibody construction, meticulously milled and crafted from a single block of steel, ensuring absolute stability and maximum drivetrain efficiency.

Creating this unibody construction from steel is particularly challenging, but Comandante has pushed the limits of manufacturing techniques and quality, utilizing processes typically reserved for high-performance motor parts.

The result is a bold and unmistakable design that perfectly complements its function.

It’s a substantial 1-kilogram hand grinder, and you can feel its power the moment you hold it in your hands.

Thanks to Baracuda’s optimized burr geometry, Comandante has achieved a significant 2-3x increase in bean throughput while maintaining a smooth grinding experience that delivers a comfortable crank torque and world-class particle size distribution. With it, you can brew delicious coffee across the full range of brewing methods, from coarse settings for filter coffee to super-fine settings for espresso and cezve/ibrik.

Additional Information:

– Bean jars: One clear and one pink polymer bean jar included
– Body: High-performance brushed stainless steel
– Burr: Baracuda
– Drivetrain: Stainless steel
– Certified stainless steel: Safe for contact with food and water
– Grind Adjustment: Gold Clix with the grind dial made out of brass
– Knob: Big Joe made from solid European Oak
– Crank: Equipped as standard with our Black Crank

*The fine GX50 thread of the Gold Clix drivetrain system allows for super fine adjustments of grind setting. the resulting change to your target particle size is around 21μm per click setting.

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